Een Per Dag
A photo a day.

Een Per Dag (Dutch for One a Day) is a photo project where all participants attempt to take one picture per day for the duration of the project. That is the only hard and fast rule. The emphasis of the project is not technical, but simply an attempt to encourage the use of the camera and active observation of the world.

Most people try to complete one full year of the project. And at some point or another, the project will feel like a pain in the ass. And everyone misses a day somewhere. And the photos are often bad, or boring. But that’s not really the point. Most of us have jobs that keep us in front of a computer, for long hours every day, and the project provides an opportunity to take up the camera and to look at the world around you. Secondly, the collection of photos becomes an interesting document of the time--an index not only of the things photographed, but a host of adjacent memories that would otherwise have been forgotten. And finally, the project gives you an interesting look into the lives of other participants, and the manner in which they approach their photos.

We welcome new members, so if you’re excited by what you’ve seen and want to be a part of the project please sign up. Click here to find out how to join the fun.