Een Per Dag
A photo a day.

In order to participate all you need is a camera and a Flickr or Picasa account. All cameras are acceptable--including cameraphones. Each photo must be tagged with “oneaday”. The title (flickr) or caption (picasa) of the photo must be the date and only the date (Almost all date formats are acceptable). When photos are uploaded, tagged, and titled correctly on your Flickr or Picasa account they will be aggregated with other participants on this site.

Before your account is activated, you should try to complete seven contiguous days of photo posts. Your account will show up on the Een Per Dag site after this first week of posts. This is a sort of personal trial period for your involvement. It builds momentum and helps you to find a productive method for incorporating this new project in your daily habits before your profile is active on the site.

If you would like to participate please fill out the following form:
Full name
Service Flickr Picasa

We will try to respond to your request promptly. Generally, you should receive a response within a few hours, but things can get busy. Please allow for up to a week before resubmitting your request.